Customer Service Tips for Your Restaurant
Basics to Bringing in the Business

Why customer service tips?

A restaurant’s reputation relies heavily on the satisfaction of its customers. Almost everyone knows that. The food has to taste wonderful to the customers, the ambiance has to be just right, and of course, the service has to be impeccable. That’s why most restaurant owners have adopted "the customer is always right” mantra and probably every customer takes this as a fact.

customer service imageMany restaurant professionals/consultants have written customer service tips that should be read and practiced by restaurant owners and staff to help attract more people. And sure enough, there are also those have taken these customer service tips online to make this information available to more people; owners and customers alike.

That way, more are bound to know what they need to give and what they ought to receive. It’s all for improving the dining experience, and we know that everyone loves to have a wonderful experience whenever they’re dining out in a restaurant.

Many articles online have their own ideas of excellent customer service tips for restaurants, but here are just a few examples of good customer service:

  1. Courtesy. Nothing can spoil a perfect evening as much as restaurant staff, who have no sense of courtesy. Although this applies to customers as well, it is very important for the restaurant owner and staff to make sure that they deliver their services with the utmost courtesy to ALL of their customers, regardless of race, time, attitude, etc.

    An example of good customer service with regard to courtesy is simply to engage the customer. First establish eye contact, then offer a warm genuine smile - simple but effective.

  2. Timing and Anticipation. There’s nothing more impressive than the waiter, who appears at just the right time. Some customers get uncomfortable with waiters who linger, and some get impatient with waiters who take too long to get there.

    So, the trick is to have great timing for everything and to anticipate the needs of your customers. The staff should know when to offer the wine and when to ask when the plates can be cleared for the next course. An example of customer service in timing is not to approach the table to discuss the yummy dessert selection when an intense converstion is going on between the guest. Common sense rules.

  3. Attitude. Mike Johnson in his book "101 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Today" said that to raise your reputation, you have to treat everyone (even staff!) as customers. This attitude is bound to help you give better service to your customers and creates an excellent working atmosphere with your staff or colleagues.

    No customer likes to see and hear a seemingly charming and polite supervisor suddenly bark orders or scold his staff around. A great attitude towards everyone is addictive and can easily be seen by everyone. It won’t be long before most of your colleagues follow in your footsteps!

  4. Special Treatment. Everyone likes to be feel pampered and special, especially customers who have decided to dine out for the evening. Their evening meal in your restaurant is most likely their way of doing something different or special! Therefore, it is the job of the restaurant staff to make all customers feel special their own way.

    Know your regular customers, and if they seem to be like people who like to be conversational, then spark up a greeting or two. Give the customer, who seems to love trying out new wines, a chance to taste one of your new arrivals, or an old special.

    Treat each customer individually but in their own special way. This technique makes your customers feel valued and they would always get the feeling that going to your restaurant certainly makes them feel special for the night. Be as detailed as possible - remember the guest's name, whether they have chidren or not, whether they prefer Merlot over Cabernet, and why they don't like wine made in Napa Valley.

These customer service tips are great examples of good customer service.There’s no better business than the customer who feels special and satisfied in your care, with the food and service you provide, in your restaurant. These customer service tips are just basics to bringing in the regular customer and the constant business. Keep these basics in mind, be creative and make your own!

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