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citysearch is a virtual urban companion for people looking for the most up-to-date reviews and directions to top restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping havens, events, night clubs, professional services and more, in cities across the United States.

Citysearch is currently the number one web source of in-depth information on various restaurants all over the country, reaching out to more than a million people a month.

As the leading and one of the most influential online lifestyle guides, Citysearch helps people decide on where to go and how to spend their money by combining  editorial recommendations, user comments, and valuable advice from local businesses in one easy to navigate website!

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Founded in La Crescenta, California in 1995 and with headquarters in Hollywood, Citysearch has 14.5 million business listings, over 600,000 user reviews, and ratings on over 2 million business establishments all over the United States. By advertising on the site, Citysearch connects business owners to their prospective customers. The business owners pay only for clicks to their owner’s website or business profile page.

Through its Insider Pages, Citysearch helps people find top businesses through recommendations from their friends and neighbors. Citysearch also endeavors to up local businesses’ customer base by offering online video service that brings to life the ads of local businesses.

A restaurant owner advertising on Citysearch, for instance, will have a page that includes a video featuring the owner talking about his business; the interiors of the restaurant, and people dining in it; offers and promotions (if any), the menu, and link to the restaurant’s own website.  An advertiser’s business listing usually goes live on within 72 hours. 

Citysearch uses advanced security filters to monitor click activity, blocking out invalid clicks from spiders and robots. Unacceptable content such as personal information, promotion of illegal activity, profanity, and harmful content are likewise subject to removal.

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Citysearch also launched “Eat It,” a new Facebook application that allows users of this popular social networking site to rant and rave about restaurants they have already visited or plan to visit in the future.
Citysearch further helps get additional media mileage for new and existing businesses with its annual polls for Top Ten New Restaurants and Bars, Best Spa, etc.

The Best of Citysearch feature allows people to vote for their favorite businesses in popular categories such as Restaurants, Nightlife, Spas, Hotels and Services. The annual poll opens with nominations from editors. Then, visitors cast votes for their favorite local business throughout the voting period. The polls culminate with the top 10 businesses being chosen for each category.

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