Why Do People Vote?

vote logo tine is your hub for the most popular review sites on the planet. Why review sites? And why do people vote on these sites? Millions of people read and make decisions based upon review sites. So, if your restaurant, store or website has many more positive reviews than negative ones this will have a direct postive impact on your business.

Why Do People Vote / Because They Can

Vote For Us is meant to be a motivating force to all those that frequent businesses - like restaurants, spas, retail stores, etc., to support their favorite establishments. For instance, if you had a great meal at a restaurant recently, you can go to one of the featured review sites (likeCitysearch.com) on this site and vote. Voting is the equivalent of supporting your favorite place.

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Your business' reputation is no longer an option - it is a necessity to improve your standing in the competitive business world today...if your intention is to succeed. When people vote and write a positive review they are telling anyone that listens that your establishment deserves attention.

Profiting from the New Word of Mouth ...
Vote For Us supports the business owner and has created this site as a resource with practical ways to make your business better, thereby enhancing your reputation. Explore how public relations, marketing and social networking can improve your bottom line. Discover ways to find money for your business, and learn how to take better care of your customer.

Use it, read it, learn from it, and then implement what you have learned. When you begin to bridge the business owner/patron gap your business' reputation grow naturally. Play nice, and share the best of what you have, and a healthy viral reputation can then spread. From there your business grows and your patron feels valued. Everybody wins.

Calling on all Patrons

vote logo tine is reaching out to you to unleash your valuable opinions. We want you to let us know which businesses are taking care of your needs. If you are still wondering, "Why do people vote on review sites?" It's simple. When you vote, change happens. The businesses that understand the benefit of a good reputation will take care of you even better, and the ones that don't...well, let's just say the viral reputation they develop will not be pretty.


vote logo tine supports and honors the businesses featured on the pages of the top online review sites: CitySearch.com, Zagat.com, plus the other online review sites whose icons appear to the left side of this page. These businesses "get it." The patron matters, and a good reputation is valued.

Why Do People Vote?
They Understand the Power
Viral Reputation

Whether you appreciate great service from your favorite salon or good food from your neighborhood restaurant, word of mouth can make or break a business. As a hub for the most influencial review sites in the world, Vote For Us is dedicated to keeping you informed so that more and more local businesses will be recognized for their efforts in creating quality establishments.



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